Fall 2012 Newsletter

Dear Supporters, Partners, and Friends,

Between July 9th and October 6th, FFFK recipients redeemed a total of $910 worth of coupons, $895 directly at a farmers’ market, and $15 in local produce from the Great Basin Community Food Cooperative, one of our new 2012 partners.

We have also given out $143.95 of fresh fruits and vegetables through the Community Services Agency (CSA) Head Start program, a nonprofit preschool serving low-income families. The produce has been jointly supplied by the Cooperative and our true & loyal partner Workman Farms. Don’t think we stopped there, though. We are very excited about new partnerships with Lattin Farms, Salisha’s Delicious and a nutrition clinic within the HAWC Community Health Centers.

Things at the farmers’ market were going so well, though, that a fourth farm started accepting our coupons with no prior agreement! This confusion likely occurred because Carrol’s Corner’s was placed adjacent to Lattin Farms and had no prominent sign, so both booths looked like they belonged to Lattin Farms.

We were quite surprised when Mr. Carrol, who we’d never met, presented us with $70 of coupons one day. Keeping in line with our mission to help small-scale farmers, we decided to honor the coupons. It certainly was quite a welcome change, after the lack of coupon-spending last year!

Much of this year’s success is thanks to the HAWC Dental Nutrition Clinic, which gives nutrition classes to low-income families whose children need dental operations. This was the perfect fit because with our coupons, families could apply what they had learned in class.

The following chart compares our program to the government’s similar program, WIC FMNP, which operates in over 30 other states. We calculated the number of participants who signed up, divided by the number who spent their coupons, for each clinic. We realized that many may claim to want fresh produce coupons, but not all will actually go to the farmers’ market to spend them. Fortunately, we only pay farmers for coupons which they redeemed, so no money is wasted on unspent coupons.

We are proud to be partners with the Dental Nutrition Clinic, which has effectively integrated FFFK into their overall program. For next year, we plan to help HAWC Medical Center and other interested clinics do the same. In addition to getting their patients to spend coupons, the clinic also collected the following survey data regarding the effectiveness of the program.





Did you spend any of your own money on fruits or vegetables?



Did the program make your children interested in eating more fruits and vegetables?



Did the program inspire you to feed your children more fruits and vegetables year round?



Beyond this year’s coupon results, we have some exciting stories to tell from the past season. First, the new FFFK logo created by one of our Health & Social Justice Club members.


 The same member has produced original artwork depicting twenty-one different fruits and vegetables grown by Nevada farmers. Check out our gallery to have a look!

 Second, we have met a major milestone: since the founding in January 2011, we have raised a total of over $2,000 for this program. Most of our money has paid for farmers’ market coupons, and a minority has been used to give produce directly to schools. On that note, we have a new fundraising item for this year: the “Cool as Cucumbers” wristband! After all, we’ve got to keep raising money for our fall coupon program, which started this week with the Great Basin Community Food Co-op.

Want to join the cucumber club? Contact us to get your wristband!