Below are some videos, news articles and other media relating to global issues, most of which our Club has discussed. Feel free to take a look, and learn more about the (in)justices facing our world. We have included the discussion questions brought up in our club.

Partners In Health ( - A worldwide medical organization dedicated to "providing a preferential option for the poor in health care".

Mountains Beyond Mountains ( - A book about Dr. Paul Farmer's early work treating the poor in Haiti. See "Partners in Health", above.

A Train Ride to Cancer Care ( - An article in the Times of India about how pesticides introduced during the Green Revolution are leading to increased cancer prevalence among Punjabi farmers.

A Killer Bargain ( - A California Newsreel video describing the tradeoff between cheap consumer goods and the environmental and human tolls they exact in the developing world.

Bhagwati Sarla Paliwal Education Society ( - A nonprofit organization providing a multifaceted education to disadvantaged girls in India. They are also piloting a protein-based breakfast program to ensure that these girls have the nutrition necessary to stay health.

United States
White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity ( - A government report discussing four elements of access to healthy food - physical access, pricing, food processing, and obesity. Read the one-page summary.

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