Spring 2012

Farm Fresh For Kids, local farming, and food deserts.
Fund raising and educational activities on fresh fruits and vegetables.
Haiti, poverty, and efforts to improve health.
The US health care and health insurance systems.
India, pesticides, and environmental health (in agriculture and industry).

Week #1 - Monday, January 30

Introduction to the Health and Social Justice Club.
Introduction to Farm Fresh for Kids - browse website.
Watch video on Partners in Health.

Week #2 - Monday, February 6
Members choose their own preferred option for community service.
Discuss Haiti, and the US healthcare system.
Explain choices for FFFK project work.

Week #3 - Monday, February 13
Watch Marcia Angell Interview from Sicko.
Continue discussing the US healthcare system.
Establish committees/teams for completing FFFK tasks.

Week #4 - Monday, February 27
Discuss fundraising strategies and methods.
Start planning for the Spring Carnival.

Week #5 - Monday, March 5

Check progress on FFFK projects.
Discuss Health Savings Accounts (HSA).

Week #6 - Monday, March 12
Continue discussing Health Savings Acounts.
Check progress on FFFK projects.

Tuesday, March 13 - Sunday, March 25
Read TFCO - Access to Healthy Affordable Food.

Week #7 - Monday, March 26
Guest Speaker Meeting, with Mr. Mike Johnson from St Mary's.
Discuss the nutritional needs of the low-income in Reno.

Week #8 - Monday, April 2
Complete general FFFK business.
Finalize activities and prizes for the Spring Carnival.

Tuesday, April 3 - Sunday, April 8
Read the article A Train Ride To Cancer Care.

Week #9 - Monday, April 9
Start watching A Killer Bargain. http://vimeo.com/13100720.
Set work schedule for the Spring Carnival.

Week #10 - Monday, April 16
Review plans for the Spring Carnival.
Decide how to promote fruits/vegetables among 8-12 year olds.
Plan a cartoon illustrating the main FFFK messages.

Week #11 - Monday, April 23
Review our financial position.
Decide upon officers and officer responsibilities for next year.

Week #12 - Monday, April 30
Finish watching A Killer Bargain.

Week #13 - Monday, May 7
Sign cards for DA Science Club and Student Council.
Discuss India, pesticides, and environmental health.

Week #14 - Monday, May 14
Create HSJ topic list for 2012-2013.
Plan HSJ booth for the 2012-2013 DA Orientation.
Review plans for our summer activities.