Our primary challenge is that many low-income families face numerous challenges in bringing adequately nutritious food to the table.

  • Low-income and high-income neighborhoods differ in their availability of fresh produce.
  • Meager SNAP benefits lead to the purchase of cheap, unhealthful foods.
  • Low-income people tend to have less healthy diets and be at greater risk for obesity problems.
In terms of obesity, Nevada is one of the states which could really benefit from a program like the WIC FMNP.
  • Combined overweight and obesity rates for school-aged children in Washoe County are greater than the national average (even more so for Nevada as a whole).
  • WIC FMNP (Women, Infants and Children - Farmers Market Nutrition Program) is operating successfully in 36 states.
  • Nevada does not participate in the WIC FMNP, a program which provides a practical solution to these various problems.
The other issue FFFK is trying to tackle simultaneously is the plight of the local, small-scale farmer.
  • Local farmers have been losing out to the convenience and prices of large supermarket chains since post-WWII era, and they need our support.
  • It is important to support local Nevada farmers, especially those using minimal levels of chemicals.
  • Supporting these farmers will not only help the environment, but money is returned to the local economy.

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