The FFFK Team

Sarah Mann - President
Karthik Rohatgi - Founder, Treasurer, and Advisor
Elyse Cheng - Volunteer
Mr. Bahn - Volunteer Advisor

Past Volunteers:
Sarah Tacner - President
Ryan Mann - Print Materials & Enrollment Manager
Duncan Boren - Volunteer
Forrest Karo - Volunteer
Collin Menninger - Volunteer
Pranit Nanda - Volunteer
Aman Patel - Volunteer
Mrs. Patel - Volunteer Advisor
Dhruv Rohatgi - Volunteer
Mrs. Tacner- Volunteer Advisor

The Original Team

In its first year, the team consisted primarily of the Founder Karthik R (on left) and many generous, helpful people. These include several pediatricians, several more doctors, a nurse, and a multitude of other folks who bothered to open their doors.

In May 2011, Puzzle Province kindly donated the proceeds from their tabletop puzzle  factory to FFFK.