Thanks to our coupons program, families have reported the following:




Did you spend any of your own money on fruits or vegetables?



Did the program make your children interested in eating more fruits and vegetables?



Did the program inspire you to feed your children more fruits and vegetables year round?



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How the Coupon Program Works

To help families with elementary school children increase their consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, we:

  • Provide coupons worth $25, to be given out by the doctor or nutritionist to each child's family. Interested families can return after one month for an additional $25 of coupons.
  • Arrange for these coupons to be redeemable for fresh fruits and vegetables at a local farmer’s market or food cooperative.

  • Provide an educational pamphlet, emphasizing the importance of fresh produce, that uses the color approach to eating fruits and vegetables (eat a fruit/vegetable from each major color group). We also provide car and public transit directions to the farmers' market.
  • Provide a cooking guide, with simple yet tasty recipes for some commonly encountered vegetables.
  • Provide activities for children to teach them the importance of eating a balanced diet, with an emphasis on fresh produce. View a sample activity. (Note: All artwork is original.)
  • Conduct an evaluation survey at the end of the season to assess the effectiveness and improve the program for next year.

Also, see the Introductory Family Letter to get an idea of what patients expect from our program.

To provide maximum benefit, we are going to make sure that the recipients:

  • Are able to cover the cost of bus fare to the farmers' markets or the cost of gasoline for their car. To this end, one of our clinical partners, HAWC, is providing free bus passes to assist FFFK participants with transportation to the market.
  • Are able to take their children to the market, so they can have the firsthand market experience. To this end, the majority of our coupons are redeemable only at Saturday farmers' markets, making it more likely that children can come along.
  • Can use all of the coupons, preferably spread out between two or more trips. To this end, we are transitioning to flexible scheduling, so that clinics can decide with their patients when they can use their coupons. This means patients generally are not forced to fit their spending into an arbitrary four- or six-week window.

    For more detailed information on our project, click here.